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  • H.R.H. Prince Khalid bin Sultan – “This Festival was established under the patronage of H.R.H. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques”

    1/5/2010 12:00:00 AM

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    E.C.A.H.O. has raised the classification of the Al Khalediah International Arabian Horse Show to an ‘A’ class event. 

    The European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations (E.C.A.H.O) has upgraded the standing of the Al- Khalediah International Arabian Horse Show to an ‘A’ class show after just a short period of two years since its establishment.

     This show is an integral part of the Al Khalediah Festival which takes place at Al Khalediah Farm, the private facility of His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and is located 90km west of the capital city Riyadh.

    This change in status came about as a result of the comprehensive improvements realized in such a short period of time allowing it to be ranked amongst other International First class Arabian Horse events around the world.

    The Al Khalediah Festival has managed to do what others have tried in the past, which is to create a loyal following among several socioeconomic classes of society and to build an appreciation for the incredible Arabian horse in its homeland the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan expressed his joy on the new ranking of ‘A’ Class for the Al Khalediah International Arabian Horse Show. He commented on this joyous moment as follows “First and foremost thanks go to God Almighty and secondly to the continuous support of H.R.H.

    The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has given towards Equestrian sport in all of it forms and to increasing awareness of the great Arabian Horse and the secrets that God has bestowed upon it”.

    He also added “The idea for creating such a festival was a result of H.R.H. King Abdullah’s desire to allow the owners of true Arabian Horses to participate in a Festival the celebrates the Beauty of the Arabian horse according to International standards as well as creating a place for Saudi Arabia among the countries of the world in the field of Arabian equestrian events under the supervision of international expert bodies, thus resulting in increased appreciation and knowledge of these truly remarkable creatures and the consequent growth of ownership and event participation”.

     Prince Khaled bin Sultan mentioned that this new ranking for the Al Khalediah International Arabian Horse Show should only encourage us to work harder and attain even higher standards of recognition and develop a certain uniqueness that will be recognized on an international level.

    The preparations for the third Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival are underway, building up to the moment when the event will kick off during the month of January 2010.

    This year will have an increasing attendance and a strong international participation is expected. It’s worth noting that the second Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival that took place earlier this year in its usual location experienced impressive improvements in the services offered to the horses, their owners and the audience during the six days that it ran for.

    It achieved record numbers in every area on an international level such as the variety of events, the duration of the festival and the level of attendance and participation.

    It also coincided with the honoring of Al Khalediah Farm’s stable by E.C.A.H.O. as the number one Stable in the world for four years running for being the largest Stable / Farm in the world for raising and breeding true Arabian Horses, keeping in mind this was achieved in a record seven years of operation and is testament to the great achievements the Kingdom is capable of, in honor of the Arabian Horse.

  • Al Khalediah 2nd International Arabian Horse Show

    11/22/2008 12:00:00 AM

    28-30 January 2009

    Owners of Purebred Arabian Horses

    Organisers of Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival announce the opening of entries for participation in the Al Khalediah 2nd International Arabian Horse Show.  

    The show will be run under the rules of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organisations (ECAHO).

    Official registration will start on Monday 12/11/1429H, corresponding to 10th of November 2008.

    In order for owners, interested in participating, to submit their entry, the following documents are required:

    1.            Passport of the Horse

    2.            Copy of record in the Arabian Horse Pedigree (Lineage) Register in Saudi Arabia

    3.            Certificate of Vaccination

    Any enquiries regarding these documents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be made at the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Centre in Dirab.

    Prospective participant are requested to acquaint themselves with the Entry Form. Signing this form implies that the signatories are fully acquainted with their contents and accepted to comply with the terms and conditions contained therein.

    Entries will close on 19/12/1429H corresponding to 17th December 2008 and no submissions will be accepted beyond this date.

    Upon closure of entries each owner, who has submitted entries, will be sent a list of those horses that have been accepted by the Organiser to participate in the show.

    Only horses that have been confirmed by the Festival organizer will be allowed entry to the Festival grounds.

     For information regarding entries, or the Festival in general, please contact the Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival office on + 966 1 465 9422 extension 415, or visit the website at:

  • Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival – January 2009

    11/22/2008 12:00:00 AM

    4th of  Dhul Quida, 1429H  /  2nd of November 2008, Saudi News Agency, Riyadh

    Preparations are underway in Riyadh to organize the second edition of the Al Khalediah Horse Festival - “Al Khalediah  2”, which will be launched at the end of Moharram of next year, corresponding to the close of January 2009 at Al Khalediah Farm.

    The Higher Organizing Committee of the Festival has approved the program of “Al Khalediah   2” activities, which will be spread over six day, commencing on the 25th January 2008 and closing on the 30th January 2008. A total of 354 purebred horses from 19 Arab, European, US and Latin American countries participated in the inaugural Festival and more entries are expecting for the 2009 event.

    “Al Khalediah   2” is being run as a continuation of the successful outcome of the inaugural Al Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival. This reflects the level commitment of HRH Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation for Military Affairs, with organizing such events which aim at reviving the reputation of Arabian horses to their native country, at the core of the Arabian Peninsula, and to highlight preservation of the rare breeds of the genuine Arabian horse.

    Organizers of “Al Khalediah 2” have embarked on preparation workshops for the event which, for the coming Festival, will include an additional discipline – an ‘open’ Endurance Race.  This race will attract more participants and enhance the Festival’s appeal to the Arabian horse admirers.

    The Festival will also feature an international auction of purebred Arabian horses raised at Al Khalediah Farm, a day of Arabian horse racing, and a three day international Arabian horse beauty show.